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Posted by on January 8, 2012

tahun ajar 2013/2014

RPKPS Kepemimpinan, sila di klik

materi minggu ke 01

materi minggu ke 02




beberapa materi yang bisa di download…

minggu ke 09 (file)

minggu ke 10 (file)

minggu ke 11 (file)

minggu ke 12 (file)

minggu ke 13 (file)

minggu ke 14 (file)

minggu ke 15 (file)



tugas kelompok

1. kelompok 1 (makalah, power point)

2. kelompok 2 (makalah, power point)

3. kelompok 3 (makalah, power point)

4. kelompok 4 (makalah, power point)

5. kelompok 5 (makalah, power point)

6. kelompok 6 (makalah, power point)

7. kelompok 7 (makalah, power point)

8. kelompok 8 (makalah, power point)

9. kelompok 9 (makalah, power point)

10. kelompok 10 (makalah, power point)

11. kelompok 11 (makalah, power point)

12. kelompok 12 (makalah, power point)

13. kelompok 13 (makalah, power point)



jawablah kasus berikut:

Case: 3C LEADERSHIP     Scenario: Drugs Unlimited, Inc.
Poppa Pill, the original owner of Drugs Unlimited, has been running his generic drug manufacturing operation since he started it in 1989. His most successful pharmaceutical is what he calls the “life extender” which has been a very popular over-the-counter
product for decades. Poppa knows he’s getting on up in years, so he’s planning to develop a new subsidiary called Head Cases. He wants to get it up and running smoothly before his anticipated retirement in the year 2000. Since he won’t have time
to run both companies and still play squash four times a week, he’s decided he’ll have to find someone to take over the leadership of Drugs Unlimited.
Before his wife died in 1930, she was managing the operations. However, because of her dictatorial management style, turnover was always a problem. Since then Poppa has seen sixteen VPs of operations come and go. He believes that the more successful ones seem to be “people friendly” types, and notes that many seem to become more care-free and outgoing once they learn a lot about the company products. The workers seemed to always be happy and motivated, especially those working on the production lines. However, since the FDA came in four years ago and tightened up specifications and record keeping, the workers are starting to act like those found in most companies. Some say they want no supervision, others want to know exactly what it is they are supposed to do, and a couple insist on being managers themselves.
Poppa has retained you, an expert HR consultant, to help him establish effective leadership for the organization. Therefore, he has contracted you at $1500 a day, to develop a leadership development plan for identifying and training managers who can successfully lead the company into the next century.
Your contract with Drugs Unlimited, Inc. specifies that you will:
1. Decide on what leadership approach(s) to implement.
2. Develop a plan to train managers.
3. Have the managers up to speed by the end of the year.
4. Make sure the plan won’t be a bitter pill for the line workers to have to swallow.

hasil pekerjaan:

Andini Tirtanira_125030407111046_Kepemimpinan kelas B

Dhodik Widyanto_125030407111001_KelasB


Ezra Eigita V._125030400111036_kepemimpinan kelas B

julia istiqomah

nisrina atikasari

risa harmenita

Unick Citra Arumyati_125030401111014_Perpajakan B

amalia rizqya

Bima Adhy Pramastha_125030400111114_kelas B

deden ismet


Deny Kurnia Hidayati_125030407111051_Kelas B


Dhodik Widyanto_125030407111001_KelasB

Dwi Aprianing Yunarti_125030400111067_B

DIAN PERTIWI_125030401111028_B

erfansyah rosyadi_115030407111024_B

ETI NUR OKTAVIA_125030400111060_KELAS B

febrizki damayanti

Fernaldi anggadha(125030407111013)


Hanif Ramadhan_125030407111026_kelas B

Hastha Nugraha_125030400111086_kelas B

ira damayanti

jessica grendinar

Laily Sopiatul Muna_125030407111034_B

Laras Tri Wahyu D_125030400111017_B

M DARMAWAN SAPUTRA_125030400111031_B

Monica Yeni A_125030405111004_B

neng rismawati


ni’matus sholikhah

nurul nur oktaviani

Rahmadani Novitasari_125030407111080_B

Resta Widiana Yuniarti_125030407111028_B


Tugas Defantris hari k. 125030407111030. kelas B

vitriani ayu setyawati_125030400111088_Kepemimpinan kelas b

Andini Tirtanira_125030407111046_B

Diah Fitri Maharani_125030401111034_B

Farahgita Langensari_125030400111090_B

Riskha Ayu F_125030400111081_B

Salma Afifah_125030400111075_B

ryan astri

Daniel avianto karuniawan 125030405111005







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